Lexus drain plug gasket

When ever you are having your oil changed , we suggest also replacing the oil drain plug gasket.  

As the drain plug gasket gets soaked with oil, it also sits right against the oil pan which gets very hot.

This can cause the gasket to get crisp and brittle, which can lead to those annoying black spots in your driveway.

In a worst case scenario, a bad drain plug gasket can result in engine damage by allowing to much oil to leak out.

Changing your oil drain plug gasket at every oil change is cheap , and can give you the peace of mind that your engine is not going to be losing out on any important lubrication.

The most popular Lexus part number is 90430-12031 and we keep hundreds of these in stock at all times.

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Engine Oil Drain Plug Gasket
Part Number: 90430-12031
Positions: Lower
Other Names: Lower Oil Pan Gasket, Drain Plug Gasket, Oil Pan Gasket, Lower Oil Pan Washer, Oil Pan Washer, Drain Plug Bolt, Gasket More Names
Replaces: 90430-12027
Description: 2.5L. 5.0L. 2.0L. 4.6L. 1998-00. 1992-97. Exc.Japan Built. Japan Built Part. 4.3L, lower components. 3.0, 3.5L, lower components, with... More Info
  • Lexus:
    • CT200h,
    • ES300,
    • ES300h,
    • ES330,
    • ES350,
    • GS F,
    • GS200t,
    • GS300,
    • GS350,
    • GS400,
    • GS430,
    • GS450h,
    • GS460,
    • GX460,
    • GX470,
    • HS250h,
    • IS F,
    • IS200t,
    • IS250,
    • IS300,
    • IS350,
    • LC500,
    • LC500h,
    • LS400,
    • LS430,
    • LS460,
    • LS500,
    • LS500h,
    • LS600h,
    • LX450,
    • LX470,
    • LX570,
    • NX200t,
    • NX300,
    • NX300h,
    • RC F,
    • RC200t,
    • RC300,
    • RC350,
    • RX300,
    • RX330,
    • RX350,
    • RX350L,
    • RX400h,
    • RX450h,
    • RX450hL,
    • SC300,
    • SC400,
    • SC430,
    • UX200,
    • UX250h
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